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Study Skills

Study Skills – AbhyasKalpa… Studying is often taken as a burden rather than an enjoyment. Students feel the pressure and get stressed. If learning becomes interesting, students tend to grasp a lot and keep it in their memory for a longer time. Students should not cram for good grades and scores; rather they must understand and enjoy learning different subjects. They should understand the concepts and applications of everything they study.
Study Skills program works with students in imbibing the required skills for self-study, through various fun-filled techniques cultivating positive study habits & nurturing intelligence in every child.

Enjoy studying in an interesting and exciting way!

  • Why should we study?
  • How to plan time and study.
  • How to remove distractions from studies.
  • How to use various learning techniques so that understanding improves.
  • How to write exams to score well.

Benefits of practicing effective study skills:

  • Study Skills helps develop learning strengths and make learning interesting.
  • Each child develops a unique learning pattern as per his/her learning capability.
  • Make way for great scores.
  • Cultivate positive study habits.
  • Nurture intelligence in every child.

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