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Which career to choose ?

Why Career Nurture?

CareerKalpa provides career assessment, guidance & planning. Career makes you or breaks you. So, do not take chances. Planning career and taking quality career guidance can be fruitful in a number of ways. It will not only set a career path for you, but also will change your dreams into reality. Moreover, you tend to explore a profession that you like and do not need to compromise on your dreams. So, give meaning to your life by choosing the right career path with us. Understand your strengths and make yourself more confident and sure about your future career possibilities.

What Is Career Nurture?

Career assessment test taken by children above the age of 13 years (8th standard onward) pertaining to knowing yourself, Ability assessment, Personality assessment, and Interests’ assessment. The output of this test recommends preference of career streams.
Based on the assessment test given by the candidate, this is the Level 1 session where the report is explained to the candidate in a one-one career counseling session with a trained and experienced Career Counselor.
The report comprising mainly of the personality assessment, interests assessment and the ability assessments of the candidate and based on these three areas, suitable career streams are suggested & advised.

What do you gain by taking the test?

  • Identify and understand your inherent strengths.
  • Select the appropriate career streams which will add value to your life.
  • It will eliminate confusion and help you take proactive career decisions yourself with confidence.
  • Enable the right selection early in life to plan and be successful through your work life of 40+ years.
  • Identify & understand what best career options are available for you.


  • Career Assessment Tests
  • Assessment Report.
  • Personalized Session of 60 minutes.
  • 1 Follow-up Session of 30 minutes.
  • Customized booklet.

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